Ayurveda et Yoga

Ayurveda & yoga

«Ayurveda & yoga»
Ayurveda et Yoga
1st edition

Ayurveda & yoga

«Ayurveda & yoga»


24 to 31 August, 2024

Price range

From 690€ to 1750€

Retreat duration

7 days / 7 nights or 3 days / 3 nights


Valherbasse (Drôme)

Yoga Tree is a team of health & wellness professionals who offer a holistic path to your inner yoga journey.
We organize exclusive retreats at serene locations both in India & France.
These carefully curated retreats combine ayurvedic lifestyle, cuisine, soulful music, and cultural activities to enhance your experience during the retreat.

“We believe that to heal the global self we need to heal the personal self

This year, our experienced Ayurvedic physicians & therapists from India will provide retreats for 7 days where each participant will have their own personal wellness regime based on Ayurvedic principles.

We invite you to join us at our upcoming retreat.

The Retreat

During this retreat, you will be attended by experienced Ayurvedic doctors and therapists from India who will offer you detoxification and cleansing programs such as massage therapy, herbal remedies & Ayurvedic meals to help prevent and treat diseases.

Your wellness regime is curated based on your energy profile; this is formulated using Ayurvedic analysis techniques.


« La Clé de Sol » is nestled among beautiful green hills of the Drôme mountains. 

The lush countryside surrounded by beautiful trees with great energy, near to forests and ponds for rejuvenating walk.


The retreat is formulated to give you complete relaxation & a state of well-being. Yoga asana and meditation are part of the daily ritual, and we also have AYURVEDIC practices such as Abhyanga, Kizhi massage, Shirodhara, Marma massage, Nasyam, Navara Kizhi, and Kativasti.

We have workshop every evening on conference, Ayurvedic cooking, chanting, deep relaxation techniques & music ceremony to make your retreat special.


7:00 to 8:30

Siddhanatth Surya Yoga/ hatha Yoga and Pranayama

8:30 to 9:30

light breakfast

9:30 to 12:30

Interview, ayurvedic wellness session/free time.

12:30 to 14:00

lunch break

14:00 to 17:00

Activation with solar energy, Interview, ayurvedic wellness session/free time.

18:30 to 19:30

Relaxation & Meditation



Arrival days

For those who wish, an additional night, april 30, is possible. To do this, you can contact the owners of Clé de Sol, Valérie and Carole, directly.
They will inform you with pleasure.
A dinner will be served on site.

Participants will be welcomed from 9am.

Free time

Opening ceremony

We welcome our participants with a special welcoming ceremony with mantra chanting & meditation followed by scrumptious dinner.

Every evening 17:00 to 19:00 we have special programs:


7 days

6 nights


a comfortable dormitory with 8 beds

1350€ per person
Shared room

room with two single beds for two people

1440€ per person
Single room

single room (not shared)

1780€ per person

bedroom with double bed for two people

2800€ per couple

We take special care in ensuring your stay is comfortable.
We have the following options.

*Please note that these rooms are subjected to availability*

Payment options : Participants have the option of paying in several installments free of charge (up to 4 installments).
The first payment, of 450€ (per person) for the 7-day retreats, will be made upon reservation. For any other request, please contact us.

Closing date for reservations: April 7, 2024.

Cancellation: Refund of 40% of the amount paid granted in the event of cancellation until March 7, 2024.


A personal interview

7 days yoga and Ayurveda retreat

3 vegetarian and Ayurvedic meals.
Teas and fruit available throughout the day.

Accommodation (6 nights)

Yoga (2h30 per day)

Access to Ayurveda workshops

Not included


Draps et serviettes non fournis. Nous vous conseillons d’apporter votre propre parure (drap plat, drap housse et taie) et deux serviettes. Possibilité de location d’une parure de drap en option : 10€.

Possibilité de réserver des cours de yoga individuels, adapté aux besoins spécifiques. Se renseigner auprès de
Mahesh Subramoni, après votre entretien individuel hygiénico-diététique.

At la Clé de Sol – Marsaz, Drôme (26)
1 to May 7, 2024
Ayurveda et Yoga

Ayurvedic wellness retreat

Valherbasse (Drôme)
7 to 14 July, 2024
Ayurveda et Yoga

Anti stress and rejuvenation

Valherbasse (Drôme)
24 to 31 August, 2024
Ayurveda et Yoga

Ayurveda & yoga

Ayurveda et Yoga

«Ayurveda & yoga»

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1st edition
Ayurveda et Yoga

«Ayurveda & yoga»

24 to 31 August, 2024
7 days / 7 nights or 3 days / 3 nights
Possibilité d'apporter vos propre parure ou d'en louer sur place

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1st edition
Ayurveda et Yoga

«Ayurveda & yoga»

24 to 31 August, 2024
7 days / 7 nights or 3 days / 3 nights
Bring your own finery or rent on site

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