Un bon cadeau de votre choix

3rd edition

1 to May 7, 2024

Retraite ayurvédique et bien-être

«At the dawn of a new era»

At la Clé de Sol – Marsaz, Drôme (26)


Open for all

No Prior Experience required!

Escape the chaos, find you zen

Yoga Tree

The Yoga Tree aims to bring you into contact with Ayurveda and yoga, in order to nourish your knowledge of yourself sharing our expertise and experiences too.

While Ayurveda has its origins in the Atharva Veda, the pioneering texts of yoga come from the Yajur Veda and Upanishads, two sacred writings of ancient India. Intimately linked, yoga and ayurveda work hand in hand. One is the science of life, the other the practice of science. 


The word «Yoga» means «unity» or «oneness» and is derived from the Sanskrit word «yuj» wich means «to join».


Our retreat is connecting people to the nature through the 5 elements (water, earth, air, fire, ether).

The Retreats

What does retreat signify to us ? 

At Yoga Tree, we propose to take a weekend in a month out of our routine, go to a natural environment, with various people from different paths of life, learn and practice yoga, hear inspirational speakers give conferences, eat conscious nutrition, stimulate our senses with classical music concerts and many more.

At la Clé de Sol – Marsaz, Drôme (26)
1 to May 7, 2024
Ayurveda et Yoga

Retraite ayurvédique et bien-être

At la Clé de Sol – Marsaz, Drôme (26)
1 to May 7, 2024
Ayurveda et Yoga

Cure ayurvédique

Meet our indian facilitators

Containing Authentic Ayurvedic Wisdom

founder and director


Arun is the founder and director of Yoga Tree Retreat, has been practicing yoga for three years. He followed the hatha and vinayasa yoga training of Balance Zone in Paris…

yoga teacher


Selvam Rajadurai, yoga teacher at Chennai University and Asana Andiappa Center, began his early learning with his father…

Teacher training


Mahesh Subramoni is a loyal disciple of Yogiraj Satgurunath Siddhanath who initiated him to the science of Kundalini Kriya Yoga…


Un bon cadeau de votre choix

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