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Ayurvedic cure

“Health is the greatest of riches. Synchronize with nature. Follow the laws of hygiene. Enjoy immortal bliss”.
-Swami Sivananda


Why an Ayurvedic cure?

Ayurveda is an ancient healing science and lifestyle practice that prevents and treats illness through detoxification and cleansing programs, therapeutic massage and herbal remedies.

Its profound wisdom teaches us how to heal body and mind, and how-to live-in balance with ourselves and the outside world.

Based on these essential principles, our revitalization cures are carefully organized to make all the benefits of ayurveda accessible and available to you.

Adapting to the needs of each individual, our practitioners compose a tailor-made wellness program and accompany you on a daily basis in this unique experience. 

As the days go by, the body regains its vital “prana” energy, the immune system is strengthened, thoughts are calmed and calm and serenity set in. 
A cure is a time-out for yourself, to slow down, refocus and rediscover yourself.

Yoga Tree Retreat cures

At the end of the cure, a check-up is carried out to continue the benefits and teach you how to implement new lifestyle habits.

Aryuvedic wellness centre

Seven days or more

Ayurveda considers the skin to be one of the most important organs in living beings.

Ayurvedic healing sessions are planned with human physiology in mind, where the skin is composed of seven layers.

So, after seven days of cure and massage, the oil molecules and their active ingredients reach the seventh layer.

That’s why, depending on individual needs, our cures take place over a period ranging from 7 to 21 days, in order to reap the full benefits.

For cures lasting 7, 14 or 21 days

Our location

Just a few kilometers from Isère and easily accessible via the A7 motorway or Valence TGV station, our center is located in the heart of a traditional Drôme des Collines farmhouse.

An ideal setting, surrounded by fields, rivers and orchards, to immerse yourself in our Ayurvedic cures, while enjoying the surrounding nature and the region’s rich cultural heritage.

Open in May, July and August, we can accommodate 3 people for cures lasting 7, 14 or 21 days. You’ll be accommodated in a cosy gîte with en-suite bedrooms and bathrooms.

The common area comprises a pleasant kitchen and a comfortable living room.

Two bedrooms have direct access to a large, covered terrace, while the second terrace overlooks the hills and offers a magnificent view of the rising sun.

Ayurvedic well-being treatments

Our recommendations

The advice, massages and Ayurvedic well-being cures are not medical in nature and are not intended to replace cures prescribed by your doctor.

Each participant certifies that he or she has no medical contraindications, in particular psychiatric or mental disorders, recent major operations, etc., and undertakes to inform the team of any pathologies (asthma, diabetes, cancer, addictions etc…….), or food, respiratory and skin allergies, as well as any medical cures in progress.

We are concerned about the health and safety of all our participants.

It is therefore not recommended to take part in the course if you have a fever, cold, flu or any other serious infection.

During the cure, we advise you to avoid prolonged exposure to sun or wind.

We also encourage you to take time out to rest, enjoy nature and relax.

The Retreats

What does retreat signify to us ? 

At Yoga Tree, we propose to take a weekend in a month out of our routine, go to a natural environment, with various people from different paths of life, learn and practice yoga, hear inspirational speakers give conferences, eat conscious nutrition, stimulate our senses with classical music concerts and many more.

At la Clé de Sol – Marsaz, Drôme (26)
1 to May 7, 2024
Ayurveda et Yoga

Ayurvedic wellness retreat